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Wenglor Product World


Welcome to the wenglor product world! On the following pages, we present you with our comprehensive and innovative product portfolio. Sensors and systems across ten categories offer the perfect solution for any application. We hope you enjoy your product research.

Take a look at our corporate brochure and find out more about wenglor, our worldwide locations and our innovative product portfolio with numerous application examples from actual practice.



Photoelectronic Sensors

wenglor sensoric is your competent partner for photoelectronic sensors. Our diverse range of innovative products provide solutions for complex automation applications. Our photoelectronic sensors can detect or count objects without contact, measure distances with high accuracy and identify colors, brightness or luminescence.

Various mounting systems allow for easy, flexible installation. Fiber optic cables that can be connected to sensors allow them to be used under extreme conditions or in tight spaces.

Temperature Sensor for Contactless Measurement

Fork Sensors

Through-Beam Sensors

Light Curtains for Measuring Tasks

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Ultrasonic Sensors

wenglor ultrasonic sensors are almost completely insensitive to interfering factors (such as extraneous light, dust, smoke, mist, vapor, lint, oily air, etc.). They are best suited for the detection of transparent and dark objects, reflective surfaces, shiny objects and of bulk materials and liquids. Ultrasonic sensors allow for the reliable detection and measurement of objects, independent of their material, color, transparency and texture.

wenglor ultrasonic sensors are characterized by their ease of use and excellent technical properties.
They send pulsed ultrasonic waves of a certain frequency and determine the objects distance from the duration of the ultrasound that it reflects. The output switches if the specified switching point is reached. The measured value is output as a voltage value (0...10 V/4...20 mA) or in digital form (IO-Link).

Fork Sensors for Label Detection

Ultrasonic Reflex Sensors

Reflex Sensors with Analog Output

High-Performance Distance Sensors

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Inductive Sensors

wenglor inductive sensors are suitable for a wide variety of applications thanks to the variety of designs, housing materials and operating principles in the range. They are characterized by their high switching distances. This allows various standard applications to be covered by just one design.

Thanks to the lack of moving parts, these sensors are maintenance-free, wear-free, waterproof and resistant to dirt and shocks. They are short-circuit proof and can also be installed in any position. The service life of the sensors is not dependent on the switching frequency or number of measurement cycles.

An LC resonant circuit is arranged under the active surface of the inductive sensors. The electromagnetic field generated by this is affected when metals approach it (e.g. steel, aluminum, or brass). The output switches as soon as the metal reaches the set switching distance.

Inductive Sensors for Extreme Temperature Ranges

Inductive Sensors with Selective Performance

Inductive Sensors Welding Field Resistant with Correction Factor 1

Inductive Sensors with Analog Output

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Fluid Sensors

wenglor’s fluid sensor technology portfolio includes flow, pressure and temperature sensors.UniFlow Flow Sensors ascertain the speed at which media flow within closed systems and measure temperature as well. UniBar Pressure Sensors measure the relative pressure of any desired media in closed systems. UniTemp Temperature Sensors measure the temperature of liquid and gaseous media, and permit reliable temperature monitoring within processes.

wenglor Fluid Sensors are based on a patented measuring process which is absolutely unique in the field of flow sensor technology. As a result, the products can be mounted without regard to position or flow direction, and deliver precision measurement results despite simple installation.

wenglor Fluid Sensors are extremely user-friendly thanks to their uniform design, as well as their intuitive operation and connection concepts. In particular the large 7-segment display provides for easy, convenient operation. Furthermore, a separate LED permits quick recognition of the switching status.

Three switching output variants are available for each of the three sensors (UniFlow, UniBar and UniTemp). And thus depending on requirements, all of wenglor’s Fluid Sensors can be equipped with one switching output, two switching outputs or one switching output in combination with an analog output. The switching outputs can be set up via the menu as either normally closed (NC) or normally open (NO), and the analog output can be used as either a current or a voltage output.


Fluid Sensors

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Image Processing and Smart Cameras

In addition to the comprehensive VisionSystem+, wenglor’s portfolio of image processing products also includes the weQube modular image processing platform as Smart Camera, Vision Sensor and OCR Reader. 

The weQube Smart Camera, the weQubeVision sensor and the weQubeOCR reader are based on innovative wenglor MultiCore technology, which links five high-performance processors to a new software concept. The result is a unique product enabling ideal interaction of numerous functions and summarizing several process steps.

With MultiCore you will use Industrial Ethernet for the first time without losing time – the sensor continues to work with the same performance and speed during data communication via Industrial Ethernet as before.

With innovative 3D Tracking MultiCore provides optimal object detection. Within the visible area, objects can be moved in any direction or vary in height while still being securely detected. In case of project or batch changes additional adjustment of the focal point is possible, this ensures maximum flexibility with utmost reliability.

MultiCore integrates Teach+, which offers rapid and site-independent optimization of system settings and adjustment to changing conditions.

Image Processing and Smart Cameras

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2D/3D Sensors

The 2D and 3D sensors by the wenglor subsidiary wenglor MEL GmbH are designed for two- and three-dimensional object detection. The company based in Eching near Munich is mainly known for its expertise in the field of 2D/3D profile sensors and for more than 35 years of experience in the field of measurement electronics as a successful supplier of high-tech products. wenglor MEL GmbH has been part of wenglor sensoric as an independent brand since 2013.

2D/3D Sensors

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1D/2D and Barcode Scanners

wenglor 1D/2D and barcode scanners use different types of light to read each code. The light is reflected from the code elements onto a picture element in varying degrees and the image of the code that this produces is evaluated electronically using a decoder. The scanner can be adjusted by pressing on the Auto button function, or externally via the interface.

1D/2D Barcode Scanners

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Safety Technology

wenglor safety technology handles complex, safety-relevant tasks in the automation world. Certified to the latest international standards, this technology protects people and provides protection for machines. In addition, wenglor offers a comprehensive service, from initial start-up to regular audits of the protective devices.
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Safety Technology

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Industrial Communication

wenglor was the first manufacturer to integrate Realtime Ethernet and Power over Ethernet (PoE) into sensors. wenglor products are available with three globally established data protocols: PROFINET, EtherCAT and EtherNet/IP™. This allows them to be quickly and easily integrated into existing Ethernet infrastructures.




Industrial Ethernet is impressive not only due to the high-speed exchange of information, but also due to the fact that it enables easy reading and analysis of normalized data protocols and service data. This continuous communication between the sensor and the controller saves time and money and allows for clear planning. The possibility of location-independent services and maintenance are further advantages.

wenglor products with Power over Ethernet require only one cable for power and data transfer. As a result, installation and wiring costs are considerably reduced.
Currently, products in the fields of photoelectronics and image processing are available with Ethernet and PoE, and with barcode scanners with Ethernet. This chapter contains complementary products. The industrial communication product portfolio is continuously being expanded.


Industrial Communication

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System Components

In this chapter you will find the correct components not only to mount and connect wenglor products but to also integrate them into automation processes.
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Systems Components

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