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PLC - Modicon TM3 Expansion Modules


The Modicon TM3 expansion module offer provides an opportunity to enhance the capabilities of Modicon M221, M241 and M251 logic controllers:

- Digital I/O modules which can be used to create configurations with up to 488 digital I/O (according to the controller). These modules are available with the same connections as the controllers.

- Analog I/O modules which can be used to create configurations with up to 114 analog I/O (according to the controller) and are designed to receive, amongst other things, position, temperature or speed sensor signals. They are also capable of controlling variable speed drives or any device equipped with a current or voltage input.

- Expert modules for control of TeSys motor starters which simplify wiring up the control section due to connection with RJ45 cables.

-  Functional Safety modules which simplify wiring and can be configured in the SoMachine and/or SoMachine Basic softwares.
In addition, the TM3 expansion system is flexible due to the possibility of remotely locating some of the TM3 modules in the enclosure or another cabinet (up to 5 meters (16.404 ft.) away, using a bus expansion system.

The Modicon TM3 expansion system is common to the whole range of Modicon M221, M241 and M251 logic controllers, meaning that the model of controller can be revised without changing expansion module.

Modicon TM3 Range

I/O moules
  • Modules with 8 to 32 inputs/outputs:
    • 24V or 120VDC 50/60Hz inputs
    • Relay or transistor outputs

I/O modules
  • Modules with 2 to 8 inputs/outputs
    • Current/voltage or temperature inputs
    • Current/voltage outputs

Expert module
  • Modules for control of one to four TeSys motor starter

Functional Safety
  • Modules designed using Preventa technology for integral machine safety:
    • Control of emergency stops
    • Control os switches
    • Control of light curtains
    • Control of pressure-sensitive mats or edges

Bus expansion
  • Transmitter module
  • Receiver Module
  • Bus Expansion Cable

Specific Feature

Modicon TM3 expansion modules have been designed with a simple interlocking assembly mechanism. A bus expansion connector is used to distribute data and the power supply when assembling the Modicon TM3 expansion modules with logic controllers.

Analogue Output and Mix I/O Expansion Module

Analogue Input Expansion Module

32 Digital Output & 16/32 Mix I/O Expansion Module

16 Digital Output Expansion Module

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8 Digital Output Expansion Module

Digital Input Expansion Module

Modicon TM3 Catalogue

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